GLAUCOMA COURSE (LUBLIN, 31.05-1.06.2019)

FRIDAY 31.05.2019

Refresher Courses Dr Ewa Kosior-Jarecka: OCT in glaucoma diagnostics Dr Urszula Łukasik: Visual field examination Dr Ewa Kosior-Jarecka/ Dr Urszula Łukasik/ Dr Dorota Pożarowska: Clinical decision in diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma- presentation and discussion of clinical cases Dr Dorota Pożarowska: Gonioscopy

Scientific programme
13.30-13.50 Prof. Tin Aung (Singapore): Glaucoma in myopic patients
13.50-14.10 Prof. Tin Aung (Singapore): Genetic studies in glaucoma
14.10-14.30 Prof. David Friedman (USA): Major findings from clinical trials and how they apply to clinical practice and updates on current new treatments.
14.30-14.50 Prof. Tomasz Żarnowski (Lublin);  Prof. David Friedman (USA): Problems with compliance in treatment of glaucoma
14.50-15.10 Prof. David Friedman (USA): Improvement of communication between doctor and glaucoma patient
15.10-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-15.45 Prof. Joanna Wierzbowska (Warszawa): OCT of optic nerve and retina in glaucoma diagnostics
15.45-16.00 Dr Beata Rymgayłło-Jankowska (Lublin): Pathological approach to the disease process in different types of glaucoma
16.00-16.15 Dr Urszula Łukasik (Lublin): Clinical features of pseudoexfoliation syndrome and pseudoexfoliative glaucoma Dr Ewa Kosior-Jarecka (Lublin): Clinical features of normal tension glaucoma
16.30-16.45 Dr Agnieszka Wilkos-Kuc (Lublin): Application of anterior segment OCT in glaucoma
16.45-17.00 Dr Ewa Kosior-Jarecka (Lublin): Neuroimmaging in glaucoma
17.00-17.15 Dr Dorota Pożarowska (Lublin): Silicon-oil glaucoma
17.15-17.30 Coffee break
17.30-18.30 Difficult cases in diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma- experts discussion (prof. Tin Aung, prof. David Friedman, prof. Marek Rękas, prof. Tomasz Żarnowski)

SATURDAY 1.06.2019
9.00-9.20 Prof. Tomasz Żarnowski (Lublin): Therapeutic strategies in surgical treatment of glaucoma
9.20-9.30 Prof. Marek Rękas, dr Anna Byszewska, dr Katarzyna Petz, prof. Joanna Wierzbowska,  dr Monika Danielewska, prof. Robert Iskander (Warszawa): Diurnal changes in ocular pulse amplitude in patients undergone canaloplasty surgery
9.30-09.40 Prof. Marek Rękas, dr Joanna Jabłońska, Katarzyna Lewczuk (Warszawa): Evaluation of efficacy and safety of combined cataract surgery using Hydrus microstent in patients with open angle glaucoma - 24-month observations.
09.40-09.55 Dr Irmina Duchnik (Kraków): Application of endocyclophotocoagulation in glaucoma treatment
09.55-10.10 Prof. Tomasz Żarnowski (Lublin): Role of anti-VEGF drugs in glaucoma surgery Dr Dorota Pożarowska (Lublin): Complications of classic glaucoma surgery
10.30-10.45 Dr Iwona Filipecka (Bielsko-Biała):   iStent implant
10.45-10.55 Dr Aleksandra Wlaź (Lublin): Efficacy and safety of Ologen implant in primary trabeculectomy
10.55-11.05 Dr Dorota Pożarowska (Lublin): Role of preservative free drops in topical treatment of glaucoma
11.05-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-11.50 Dr Gus Gazzard (Wielka Brytania): Primary angle closure glaucoma Dr Gus Gazzard (Wielka Brytania): The results of  LIGHT trial
12.10-12.20 Dr Dominika Wróbel-Dudzińska (Lublin): Clinical experience with XEN implant
12.20-12.30 Dr Katarzyna Lewczuk, dr Jacek Rudowicz, dr  Wojciech Dyda, dr Patrycja Laszewicz, dr Joanna Jabłońska, prof. Marek Rękas. (Warszawa): Ab interno XEN implantation for treatment of glaucoma resistant to previous surgical procedures. Prof. Tomasz Żarnowski (Lublin): Complications in XEN implant surgery
12.40-12.50 Dr Agnieszka Kustra (Lublin): Influence of cataract surgery on anterior segment parameters in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome and narrow angle Lunch
13.30-14.30 Complicated cases in glaucoma surgery- experts discussion (prof. Tin Aung, prof. David Friedman, dr Gus Gazzard, prof. Marek Rękas, prof. Tomasz Żarnowski)

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